How to Get your Offer Accepted in a Multiple Bidding Situation (Free Webinar)

Are you losing out on all the good properties because your offer never gets accepted? We can help! Join our webinar on Feb 25 at 7:30pm.

About this Event

Low-interest rates, fewer listings, and many buyers – Isn’t this the perfect recipe for a red-hot seller’s market?

And what accompanies a seller’s market – Multiple Offers. If you are in the market for a house right now, you know that the competition for each property is intense. We’ve all seen & heard of houses that get 40, even 50 offers.

Does it mean that it’s end of the road for someone with a budget…..someone who wants to get a nice house or an apartment for their family without having to pay a fortune for it? The answer is NO; it isn’t. 

There are strategies that can help genuine buyers secure a property at its fair market value. Among the few houses that are selling over their market price, there are many that are being sold for what they are worth. We want to help you find them & own them.

In this webinar, we will discuss tips & tricks that’ll equip you with the strategies you need to win in this market. Do you want to increase your odds of getting your offer accepted? This is where it all starts. Join us on Thursday, February 25th, at 7:30pm for this webinar.

We hope to see you there on Thursday, Feb 25 at 7:30pm.


 Mohit Masand is an experienced mortgage agent, who has helped over 505 mortgage clients over the course of his career. By that virtue, he understands various mortgage situations and their potential solutions. He’s also the recipient of Dominion Lending Centre’s Sales Achievement Award for the last 3 consecutive years.

Silvia is an experienced negotiator with a passion for helping people! As a Realtor, she brings together her extensive skills as a former Corporate manager and trainer to guide clients through the processes involved in finding and successfully purchasing real estate. Silvia prides herself in building relationships and becoming a trusted advisor to whom clients are proud to refer their family and friends. She enjoys working with clients to assess their needs at any given point of life and helping them to smoothly transition throughout life’s various opportunities.

Silvia is a long time York Region resident, has lived, worked, and invested in the four corners of the GTA, and utilizes this knowledge and experience when serving the needs and interests of her clients.